Interns make an impact

Our interns are the lifeblood of our charitable program at A Helping Hand. We rely on them to provide assistance to 40 of our volunteer clients every semester. These clients depend on their companions each week in order to go grocery shopping, get to doctor’s appointments, and pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy. Without the help of our tireless interns, we would need to recruit 30 or 40 new volunteers to serve all of our clients!

The most recent class of interns, from the summer 2017 internship, provided nearly 1,310 hours of assistance to 62 local seniors and adults with disabilities. This made a huge impact in our community and in the lives of each of our clients. In all, the interns double our capacity to serve our community.

Interns have also shaped other aspects of AHH. Jiwon, an intern in the fall of 2015, introduced us to the Music and Memory program, and brought iPods full of favorite tunes to many of our clients. A Helping Hand has continued to partner with Music and Memory ever since. James, an intern in 2015 and fellow for 2016, enrolled AHH in the Presidential Service Award program, so we can honor our volunteers with this prestigious prize. Hannah helped organize an event last year with Ms. Reynolds, hosting a celebration for our volunteers and paid companions at Ms. R’s home. And last spring Koushik started what has become an ongoing tradition of hosting a client mixer at the end of every semester, as a culmination of the internship session.

Our interns do so much for our charitable program, and the program simply wouldn’t function without their help. Thank you to all of our wonderful interns for filling this need for local seniors!

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