Hannah stands up to age bias

Hannah first came to A Helping Hand as a volunteer. She had previously volunteered in hospital settings, and enjoyed the one-on-one interaction she had with patients. She realized that treating patients with a positive attitude and respect made a difference in their experience at the hospital, and she hoped to make a deeper impact by working with older adults and people with disabilities in the community. She volunteered with AHH for a year, and then applied to participate in our internship program.

Through the internship, Hannah got to visit several clients on a more consistent basis, as well as meet with other interns to share experiences and attend events in the community related to aging and caregiving. Each week, she drove Ms. L to Saturday mass and to the grocery store and helped Ms. A accomplish various chores around the house. She came to realize how vulnerable Ms. A felt, having to rely on a stranger just to get out and buy food.  And she was inspired by Ms. A, who kept her sense of humor, verve, and kindness even while suffering from a serious illness. Through assisting her clients, Hannah saw that they were treated unfairly based on their age. She learned to become an advocate for her clients, to make sure that everyone knows what she has learned: Older adults are multifaceted people, just like all of us, and deserving of respect and accommodation.

Hannah also benefited from being able to connect with others involved in the internship program. She got the chance to openly discuss the difficulties involved in caregiving and come up with ways to cope with the challenges.

Hannah has a wonderful way of putting her clients at ease and making them instantly feel comfortable around her. She’s responsible and communicative, which makes everything flow smoothly on the administrative end at the AHH office. Hannah has continued to volunteer since her internship ended. She’s also been actively recruiting more volunteers for AHH, attending volunteer recruitment events for us at UNC and spreading the word about our volunteer and internship opportunities. She’s a constant supporter of AHH, always willing to help out with special projects, including this Giving Tuesday fundraiser!

Thank you, Hannah, for all that you do for AHH and the clients that you serve!

To donate in Hannah’s honor, click here. Steffi and Doug, two of our AHH staff members, have committed to matching up to $200 in donations, so if you donate now you’ll double your donation!

You can also find out more about our volunteer and internship opportunities.

We have just two more weeks to go until Giving Tuesday! Stay tuned for two more volunteer features, and catch up on the ones you missed: Katarina, Shalini, Zarin, and Kayla.

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