Jim volunteers in the community and in the board room

After 4 years of service, Jim is one of A Helping Hand’s longest-serving volunteers. Over the past few years, he’s assisted more than 40 clients – some just once, and others on a weekly basis. One client he’s worked with for three years, a total of 135 visits! Jim is an older adult himself, but his jovial personality and lively energy make him seem 20 years younger than his true age. After helping with his mother’s affairs as she aged in an assisted living facility, he wanted to help others stay in their own homes and live independently. He found AHH and has continued volunteering ever since.

Volunteering with AHH has opened his eyes to the services available for seniors that he knows he may need to use one day. This past year, Jim expanded his role and joined A Helping Hand’s board of directors. This has allowed him to further understand what it takes to run AHH, and the board has benefited from his valuable perspective. As a volunteer companion, Jim has a firsthand understanding of the work that we do. As a board member, he helps guide the direction of the organization and ensures that we’re fulfilling our mission. Through his work on the board, Jim hopes he can help us continue to develop and expand our capacity to serve the community.

Beyond his work with clients and on the board, Jim also stays connected to our office staff. He stops by the office often to check in and always brings a joke to tell. Any time he comes in, he brightens our day.

Thank you, Jim, for the service you’ve provided to AHH, to your clients, our staff, and in guiding our mission!

To donate in Jim’s honor, click here. You can also find out more information about volunteering or joining our board.

Giving Tuesday is now just one week away. Check back next week for our final volunteer feature and get ready to donate!

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