Maybe a senior, but always a sister

Today we have a guest post from Mallory, one of our volunteers, who shared a special experience with her client Ms. H.

I thought it would be a great idea to bring Ms. H to lunch at my sorority house when she told me that she was previously a sorority house mom for another sorority at UNC and she loved all of the girls and felt like they kept her young. I figured my sorority house would be very similar to the one she lived in for 7 years, so I asked her if she would like to come. She was SO excited that I asked her and said she couldn’t wait. We planned this two weeks ago and when I got to her house to pick her up today, she was dressed and ready and couldn’t wait to get in the car to go.

My experience was, in one word, rewarding. I truly could feel the joy Ms. H was experiencing as she walked into my house, looked around and complimented the furniture and decorations, and introduced herself to everyone she saw. It reminded me that something that seems so small to you can mean so much to someone else. Taking Ms. H to lunch was no big deal to me, but it was the happiest I have ever seen her. Ms. H told me as we were leaving that she hoped we could do it again one day because she absolutely loved meeting my friends and being back in a sorority house on a college campus.

Ms. H’s reaction was in the form of a smile on her face from the time we walked in the door until well beyond when we left. She was so excited to meet my friends, tell me about her time living in a sorority house as their house mom, and hear about some of the things we do. She talked to each of my friends as if they were her own grandchildren and told each of them she was honored to know me, which made me realize the impact I have on her life, as well as the impact she has on mine.

The response from the other members of my sorority was overwhelming. Each of them were eager to meet Ms. H, find out who she was and why I was with her, and hear a little about her life. She shared with several girls about her time at UNC and asked thoughtful questions that made each person she spoke to feel like she genuinely cared about them and wanted to get to know them, which is one of my favorite things about Ms. H.

Overall, it was a great experience for everyone involved. It was incredible to be able to bring Ms. H to my house, allowing her to get to know me better, seeing how her eyes lit up, and seeing just how much she enjoyed interacting with so many people.

Ms. H also shared her story with StoryCorps as part of the Great Thanksgiving Listen. You can hear her speak about her life as a sorority house mother here!

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