Spreading the love

Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, we’d like to recognize the volunteers who usually don’t get the love they deserve – the family and friends of our staff members.

Jennifer, our executive director, has involved her whole community in the work of A Helping Hand. She’s recruited friends to deliver holiday gifts to our clients in December, to help set up and break down events, to fundraise and to spread the word about AHH’s mission. Her husband, Matt, has served as our office handyman, tech support, locksmith, and interior decorator, and never hesitates to drop by the office to pick up an item left behind after Jen’s whirlwind day. He’s also graciously let the staff use most of his glasses and mugs, which tend to accumulate in the office kitchenette over time. Jennifer’s son is a regular attendee at any event AHH holds, often bringing a few friends along.

jennifer family

Scheduling director Kym was somehow able to convince her dad to portray Santa at our recent holiday party. She has also recruited several friends to work with us as companions!

Steffi, the director of our charitable program, has turned her sister into an advocate for AHH. In addition to donating some lovely decorations for our office space, she has spent hours hand-delivering Valentines to our clients, and always is talking up AHH’s services and volunteer opportunities. We really appreciate her word-of-mouth marketing on our behalf.

Our client care coordinator, Denise, has brought her family to many of our events to liven up the crowd. Most of all, we appreciate them sharing Denise with us and helping keep her sane so she can do this demanding job!

kym's dad as santa

Finance director Doug has helped connect us with community resources through his family. We’ve held many events at his neighborhood community center, and his family and friends have donated to several of AHH’s fundraisers. We’re also lucky enough that Doug’s cute-as-can-be 4-year-old stops by the office occasionally.

One of our best social media followers is the mom of Sarah, our assistant charitable program coordinator. Her regular retweets of AHH’s posts help share our mission with the community. She has also donated several times, and joined us at several events.

sarah and mom

To all of our friends and families, thank you for supporting AHH in the many ways you do!

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