A Special Holiday Season

During this stressful and isolating time, we knew it was more important than ever to make the holidays as special as we could for our clients. We're proud to announce that we were able to give at least $100 worth of gift cards to all 75 low-income older adults and adults living with disabilities in... Continue Reading →

COVID-19, our challenges and successes!

Crisis can reveal the value of past investments. At AHH our most precious commitments have always been in people, in those that we serve, and in those that give in the name of service. Our organization reaches beyond our current ranks of volunteers, interns, staff members, as it extends to those who established formative experiences... Continue Reading →

The Holiday Gift Card Drive

One of A Helping Hand’s core missions is to reduce the loneliness that many of our community’s seniors contend with daily. We know that this isolation can be punctuated during the holidays, when many seniors are missing family that have left their lives as the years passed. While some of us are lucky enough to... Continue Reading →

Bringing Holiday Cheer to Our Community

The annual holiday party is a steadfast tradition for many organizations, but A Helping Hand does things a little different. For us it would be difficult to bring our staff, caregivers, and volunteers together for a celebration, while knowing that those we have served all year long might be alone this season. The holidays can... Continue Reading →

6 ways AHH addresses social isolation

Companion care is an effective way to reduce social isolation, a common but harmful condition among older adults. Here’s how we address it with our programs at A Helping Hand: We meet the client where they are The majority of our clients don’t have transportation available to them. Others have mobility limitations that make it... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on Reflections

Today we have a guest post from one of our interns, Kyle! He recently had the opportunity to shadow the Nasher Museum's Reflections tour, and wrote about his experience.   Today, I had the opportunity to tour the Reflections program at Duke University’s Nasher Museum of Art. This program gives visitors with Alzheimer’s disease and... Continue Reading →

More than a ride

When it comes to transportation for seniors, A Helping Hand is not the only option. Ride sharing services like Lyft and Uber are working to make their rides more accessible to older adults. Both Durham and Orange counties also provide accessible transit options, in addition to the regular bus routes which are free for seniors.... Continue Reading →

Spreading the love

Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, we’d like to recognize the volunteers who usually don’t get the love they deserve – the family and friends of our staff members. Jennifer, our executive director, has involved her whole community in the work of A Helping Hand. She’s recruited friends to deliver holiday gifts to our clients in... Continue Reading →

What’s missing?

This month, as we recover from the madness of the holiday season, we’ve been taking time to reflect on our mission and what we want to focus on in this new year. This led us to the question, “What’s missing?” What’s missing from our programs here at AHH, what’s missing from our community, our culture,... Continue Reading →

15 ways our internship changes the world

A Helping Hand is proud of our internship program, and over the years we’ve shaped the program to positively impact our community and the world at large. Here are 15 ways the AHH internship program makes a difference: Providing access to healthcare for low-income seniors and adults with disabilities. AHH interns help their clients with... Continue Reading →

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